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Active Portfolio

The stock picker’s market is making a comeback

Earnings matter and valuations mean something again. The days of “everything going up“ are over.

Active Portfolio

High Performance. Large Alpha.

A message from Maj

After a decade of ‘everything works’, a stock pickers market has arrived. Investors who are going to focus on quality and growth at the right valuation will outperform. I believe there is plenty of alpha to exploit.

I want to offer you portfolios of my highest conviction ideas designed to increase alpha and manage risk.

$2,499 per year

225+ multi-baggers

Over 225+ documented multibaggers for Maj and his team since 2009, and 9 of them just last year.

30+ years of experience

Maj Soueidan is a successful microcap investor who is scouring the market for over 30 years. With his proven public track record, Maj is confident in taking his microcap edge and turning it into a product to deliver significant alpha.

Two Portfolios in Product

The Active Portfolio aims to give you direct insight into what Maj allocates to the portfolio, including position sizing and short-term targets.

The Run to $1 Million is focused on longer-term capital appreciation through identifying the best multi-baggers.

How it works

1. Maj adds a stock to a portfolio

2. We alert you

3. We keep track of important events

4. We manage positions accordingly

5. We let you know about any additions or changes

It's not just portfolios

Join Maj and his team in an exclusive chatroom where they will be sharing the latest and most actionable research.

You will have access to daily and weekly research cliff notes concerning stocks in the two portfolios and Maj's entire research pipeline.

Immediately track what matters the most – timing, conviction and relevant supporting research.

The market environment is favourable

After a long time, we are finally seeing the return of the stock picker’s market. Stocks are reacting to earnings, volatility is plentiful.

This creates a great opportunity in the whole microcap space.


What do I get out of it?

Timely investment opportunities vetted by Maj and his team.

Is this investment advice?

No, please do not forget Maj is not an investment adviser. Do your own research before taking action on any information Maj and his team are sharing with you. Microcaps can present a unique set of risks for the individual investor.

Is this offer going to last?

No, the product has a capped membership to ensure the opportunities are actionable.

Is the Active Portfolio more trading than investing?

Not necessarily. While the turnover will be higher than what you can see in my model portfolios, we do not expect to day trade. The point is to capture better gains. Look at the 2021 performance. I found great stocks, but I did not signal to exit those positions when they hit great returns. You would have had to implement your own sell disciplines.

Even though I invest in long-term multi-bagger stocks, there are times when it is better to act and move on. I do not communicate such movements with our existing content. That is just not what GeoInvesting is, and that is why I created this new product. Moreover, a lot of times I want to get you my info as soon as possible. However, it still takes time to get everything in writing and share it. The active portfolio will deliver ideas faster.

I view the Active Portfolio as a complement to my long-term model portfolios.

Don’t forget it only takes a few trades to get to that next level.

About us

MS Microcaps LLC is focused on delivering microcap alpha to clients in various forms. We work with retail investors as well as institutional ones and our range of services and products is broad. However, at the very core, we are focused on finding great stocks to invest in and making it easier for others to do so as well.

Maj Soueidan

Maj is a microcap investor with 30+ year experience.

He has been in the markets through the thick and thin and created a stellar track record due to his focus on Tier One Quality Microcap stocks, information arbitrage and astute knowledge in understanding the potential risks.

Maj Soueidan

Jan Svenda

Jan is investing for the past 10 years. He has experience on both the sell-side and buy-side and he also ran his own newsletter focusing on value in OTC stocks.

Jan joined Maj in 2020 and since then they have been focusing on helping other investors find great microcap stocks.

Jan Svenda